Hello there!
I'm Nikos Mavrikakis, a Greece based Graphic Designer & Illustrator, specializing in branding, illustration and print design.

This little space of the web showcases some of the work I have done over the years as a freelancer for a big variety of clients, from giant fortune500 corporations to tiny local start ups!

My professional career started I believe when, while in high school,  I contacted the guy behind the famous GameMaker software, and got to design the logo and splash screen. Since then, my passion for illustration and design kept me many nights awake scribbling around on huge piles of paper to find the right direction for logos, illustrations, lettering, packaging design and many more exciting aspects of the design craft!

When I’m not on my computer having epiphanies about design, I travel by bicycle (and write about it here) or hike in the mountains and get to appreciate the ultimate design of nature!



Currently Designer / Illustrator at Luminous Design Group


Me and my grandpa Nikos Mavrikakis Senior. A brilliant designer,
sculptor and painter. I have his name and I hope also his talent 🙂